Arcadia Dunes: Baldy Trailhead

Why it’s great for the first time hiker & biker…

Short 2 miles of trail

Best segment(s) for a 2 hours or less hike

“Old Baldy” is one of the coolest dunes in Michigan!

Trail Description

Recently completed in 2016, the ADA accesssible walkway will take you on a 0.5 mile walk right out to Lake Michigan and a beautiful scenic overlook.  In addition, the other loops in the “Old Baldy” trail network are great for beginners with a few segments that we would classify as moderate difficulty (not ADA accessible).  Hike the trails and enjoy majestic views from ‘Old Baldy’ – a dune overlooking Lake Michigan. Short, steep climb to the dune. No beach access. Parking lot and trailhead on west side of M-22, 0.75 miles south of Joyfield Rd.

Difficulty: Easy

Trail Amenities/Quick Look:

  • ADA Accessible walkway from Baldy Trailhead to Lake Michigan (.5 miles)
  • Information Stations at trailheads and intersection markers
  • Benches along trails
  • Scenic Lake Michigan overlook

Trailhead Locations

Trailhead - Arcadia Dunes: Baldy Trailhead


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