Arcadia Dunes: Swamp Rd. Trailhead (Pete’s Woods)

Why it’s great for the first time hiker & biker…

Short 1.5 mile trail.

Best segment(s) for a 2 hours or less hike

Stop and smell the flowers.

Trail Description

The best spring wildflower show can be experienced on this forest trail. Hike or run it in any season. Parking lot and trailhead is located on Swamp Rd. ¼ mile south of Joyfield. Along Joyfield, Swamp Rd. is 1.7 miles west of US-31 and 3.5 miles east of M-22.

Difficulty: Beginner

Trail Amenities/Quick Look:

  • Spring wildflowers
  • Forest

Trailhead Locations

Trailhead - Arcadia Dunes: Swamp Rd. Trailhead (Pete's Woods)


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