Betsie River Pathway

Why it’s great for the first time hiker & biker…

For those looking are comfortable hiking and biking in the woods, this is a great trail for the beginner that has logged some hours hiking or biking.  The trail has some moderate incline spots and can be tight in some locations.  We recommend the novice sticking to the smaller loop and venturing into the larger loop once you feel comfortable.

Best segment(s) for a 2 hours or less hike

Most of the trail can be completed in under 2 hours.

Trail Description

This trail has two loops, a 2.8 mile and a 6.6 mile loop and is located in the Pere Marquette National Forest. The shorter loop climbs wooded, hilly terrain and descends to the Betsie River. The longer loop has hardwood forest and meadow. It also connects to Crystal Mountain’s Aspen Trail.

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

Trail Amenities/Quick Look:

  • Connects to Crystal Mountain’s Aspen Trail
  • Fee for parking

Trailhead Locations

Trailhead - Betise River Pathway


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