Cadillac Foot & Bike Path

Why it’s great for the first time hiker & biker…

At 7.5 miles, this continuous, paved pathway both on and off vehicular roads are ideal for those summer time family bike rides around beautiful Lake Cadillac.

Best segment(s) for a 2 hours or less hike

If hiking/walking we recommend staying in the downtown Cadillac area, as there are many amenities and you may also explore the Keith Mckellop walkway as part of your trip.

Trail Description

This scenic 7.5 mile loop around Lake Cadillac is entirely within the city limits of the City of Cadillac. This trail has minimal elevation changes (+/- 10’ in long segments) and is ideal for families, seniors and first time recreational hikes and bikers looking to complete a loop. The pathway will take you along historic downtown Cadillac, Mitchell State Park, Cadillac West and you may even connect to the White Pine Trail (paved, non-motorized rail trail connecting to northern Grand Rapids).

Difficulty: Beginner

Trail Amenities/Quick Look:

Trailhead Locations

City Park Access

Cadillac Lakefront Park

Cadillac High School

Southern Lake Cadillac Access

Mitchell State Park


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