Cadillac Pathway

Why it’s great for the first time hiker & biker…

The Pathway consists of just over 11 miles of loop trail networks, with easy, moderate and difficult segments. The primary trailhead on Seeley Road is a great place to start to explore the easy and moderate loops of the Pathway’s northern segments. Moving into the heart of the pathway you will find the most difficult segments which can be tackled by the first time hiker looking for a bit of a workout/challenge.

During the winter months, these trails transform into a single track classic nordic ski playground.  Much like the winter sports trail for fat tire riding (see below) the grooming is exceptional and frequently kept in peak condition.

Why it’s great for winter fat tire riding…

Take on all 11 miles of this trail from trailhead to trailhead, or go out and back if you don’t want to shuttle a vehicle. This groomed 3’ wide trail is ideal Fat Tire riding during the winter months.

Organized Ride on the Pathway…

Check out the Bear Claw Epic bike ride! Learn more about their organized ride here:

Best segment(s) for a 2 hours or less hike

Start at Seeley Road and make your way on the Pathway and take on the first three loops. Points 1>7. This will take you on a fairly level terrain area. Depending on your pace, you may make your way to points 8 and beyond, but the terrain is much more difficult.

Trail Description


The Cadillac Pathway is a non-motorized recreational trail maintained by the The Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association, a 501©3 non profit.  NMMBA advocates and maintains this trail along with the “Friends of the Cadillac Pathway.”  The trail has various difficulty levels from Easy to Most Difficult Trail segments. The beauty of the Pathway is that there are various loops all with varied difficulty levels, so you can make your way out for a quick 1 mile hike or ride, or spend most of the day along 11+ miles of trails. The possibilities are endless with the loop segments.


During the cold weather months, groomed nordic classic skiing opens up on all 11 miles of the trails and is great for anyone who is comfortable on XC skis.  With more advanced than beginner trails, we recommend first timer’s stick to other alternatives like the Mackenzie  loop trails.


The Cadillac Pathway Winter Sports Trail (WST) is one of the regions newest groomed winter sports trails. This trail system will be separate from the cross country ski trail and will be groomed with a roller to compact the snow down.  The width of the trail will be approximately 3 feet wide.  The WST will only exist and open for use if we have at least 6 inches of snow on the ground.  The WST is ONLY open during the winter months, and please respect the 6” or less rule to NOT use the trail to preserve the trail conditions for the future winters. The two trail systems will be clearly marked. You can do the full 11 mile trail or turn back early for a shorter distance. The terrain of the trail will be good for all levels.

Difficulty: Moderate

Trail Amenities/Quick Look:

  • Natural/Hard Pack Surface
  • Benches along the trail
  • Non-Motorized Only
  • Information Stations
  • Trailhead markers
  • Groomed FAT biking trail – 3’ wide pathway – check grooming report:
  • Groomed XC skiing
  • Parking Fee
  • Trail signage/markers

Trailhead Locations

Trailhead - Cadillac Pathway


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