Coolbough Nature Area

Why it’s great for the first time hiker…

Coolbough Natural Area allows for hikers to experience thriving wetlands and natural wooded areas. The trails are all looped which allows for hikers to choose how far they want to hike. The trail contains places to rest and provides different types of scenery.

Best segment(s) for a 1 hour or less hike

There are many loops that can be completed in about 1 hour.

Trail Description

The Coolbough Natural Area protects flourishing wetlands and has three ponds around marsh land that these 400 acres are made up of. The Karner Blue butterfly, which is endangered, makes it home here. Brooks Township and the Michigan Chapter of The Nature Conservancy partnered up to preserve this natural environment. The Nature Preserve contains many hiking trail loops, which are between 1.75 to 3.2 miles. If you want to get a taste of the many different sceneries that Newaygo County has, then Coolbough Natural Area is the place. Red boots mark the trail, which makes it easy to follow.

Difficulty: Easy

Trail Amenities/Quick Look:

  • Parking Lot
  • Trail Markers
  • Bathroom

Trailhead Locations

Main Trailhead


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