Magoon Creek

Why it’s great for the first time hiker & biker…

With two defined loops, the trail is fairly easy from the main entry parking area to the Lake Michigan picnic area. The terrain also leading down to the water/beach area is also fairly easy and great for families.

Why it’s great for Back Country XC Skiing…

For all the same reasons for hiking and biking, the XC skiing is great for beginners leaning the sport with very little vertical terrain challenges.  With no groomed trails, and a pet friendly park, this is also a great place to let your pets burn off some cabin fever during the cold weather months while you also get a great workout in.

Best segment(s) for a 2 hours or less hike

The entire trail network can be hiked in under two hours

Trail Description

Grab your hiking, biking, snowshoes or cross country skis and get ready to break trail on one of the most scenic overlook trails in Manistee County. The Magoon Creek Nature area has 2 miles of well marked trail systems that create two different primary loops. The trail system leading from the main parking area at the main entry to Lake Michigan is flat and great for the beginner. As you move south along the lakeshore and continue into the wooded areas the terrain becomes more of a challenge with some fairly steep climbs (this segment is only recommended for more advanced hikers). These trails are also pet friendly and you will frequently see many four legged family members out for a days walk.

Difficulty: Easy

Trail Amenities/Quick Look:

  • Natural Surface/Sand
  • Benches/Picnic Area available
  • Pump Water
  • Restrooms
  • Designated Parking Areas
  • Direct access to Lake Michigan/Beach
  • Scenic Lake Michigan Views

Trailhead Locations

Trailhead - Magoon Creek


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